Poetry in the Wild

I went on a hike through the forest the other day and I found this tree about a mile in. It says:
“It’s nice to know
That you’ve got so many choices
So many paths
So many things
To fiddle and play with
Enough so that you can drop one
And pick up another
No matter how you choose
You’re gonna be happy
It’s nice to know
That I’m the one
You chose to drop.
But that’s okay.
‘Cause now I realize
For now and forever
I am your loss and he is your gain.
So make the best of it.
You got one life.
So make your choices now
Before it’s too late
It’s nice to know that I can walk
Or even crawl
And – – – run
Well I keep going
Someday you’ll be a wall
And someday I’ll pass you.
And it’s nice to know
That I’ll never look
– The Forest